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XA7Z020-1CLG484Q Xilinx

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Part Number XA7Z020-1CLG484Q
Manufacturer Xilinx
Description MPU Zynq-7000 RISC 32-Bit 667MHz 1.8V 3.3V 484-Pin CSBGA
Category Processor
Family Processors
Quantity Availabel 3807 Pieces
Reference Price -
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ROHS Compliant Yes
Delivery Time 1-2 days

XA7Z020-1CLG484Q, Xilinx XA7Z020-1CLG484Q, Processors is in stock. XA7Z020-1CLG484Q, MPU Zynq-7000 RISC 32-Bit 667MHz 1.8V 3.3V 484-Pin CSBGA.

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XA7Z020-1CLG484Q Specifications

Part Number XA7Z020-1CLG484Q
Data Bus Width 32 Bit
Mounting Surface Mount
Product Dimensions 19 x 19 x 1.07
Number of CPU Cores 1
Fabrication Technology 28nm
Maximum Speed 667 MHz
Device Core ARM Cortex A9
Supplier Package CSBGA
Operating Temperature -40 to 125  °C
Interface Type CAN/GPIO/SPI/UART
Instruction Set Architecture RISC
I/O Voltage 1.8|3.3 V
Rad Hard No
Pin Count 484
Operating Supply Voltage 1 V
Max Processing Temp 260
Lead Finish Tin|Silver|Copper
MSL Level 3
RAM Size 256 KB
Package 484CSBGA
Replacement Part Number XA7Z020-1CLG484Q
XA7Z020-1CLG484Q Datasheet XA7Z020-1CLG484Q.pdf

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